The wonders of Knitting Nancy and beyond…

I have always enjoyed making things, tinkering and creating loveliness with my hands has always seemed like the perfect way to spend my spare time.

My crafty life started with Knitting Nancy. This was, upon reflection, a rather strangely named item as I don’t think that William and Kate ever had Nancy as an option for their newest addition to the royal family but for some reason it was deemed appropriate for this rather royal (and grumpy) looking crafting gadget for budding child knitters. Much to my parents delight, it would keep me entertained for a least enough time for a cup of tea to be made or perhaps even dinner, as I sat winding wool round ‘Nancy’s’ royal crown to create a long knitted tail which magically emerged from between her feet. Keeping me entertained and quiet was perhaps it’s sole purpose as I don’t think I ever found a use for this neatly produced cord.

Knitting nancy

The rather stern Knitting Nancy

Although Nancy may have piqued my interest I was ultimately inspired to take up knitting whilst watching my Great Auntie Vi’s needles moving at the speed of light creating ‘Vi-digans’ for the whole family, a snuggly cabled Aaron cardigan (or occasional jumper) which kept us all warm throughout every winter of the 1980’s.  It was, at about the age of 10, under the instruction of our family’s knitting matriarch I first learnt how to knit however I then didn’t pick up the needles again properly until I was about 20 when my real passion for needlecrafts really began.  My first ever project, for reasons I can’t even explain, was to make what we soon christened ‘Polly Dolly’, a peddler woman doll carrying a basket full of items to sell. Since then I have dabbled in creating a variety of items but always seem to come back to small makes like toys and accessories which I enjoy as they are not only quick to make but I also find more interesting patterns to follow.

A collection of 'Sarah Kate Makes'

A collection of Sarah Kate makes

Since learning to knit, in recent years I have explored and developed my skills in a number of other crafts including crochet, needle-felting and sewing. I love the simplicity of needlecrafts, taking a few simple materials and creating something beautiful out of them.  I have to admit however to being quite a perfectionist (probably an understatement if I am honest) and whenever I take up a new craft I am not happy until I feel I have mastered it, a path which often starts with frustration and sore fingers but ultimately usually ends in happiness, satisfaction and hopefully beauty.

There will be many more Sarah Kate makes to come in the future and I look forward to sharing my crafty journey with you and hope you enjoy coming along for the ride xx


2 thoughts on “The wonders of Knitting Nancy and beyond…

  1. Hi Sarah, what a lovely first blog post! It seems we have so much in common. I too love needle crafts especially crochet. I’ve also tried a bit of knitting but tend to stick to straight things like scarfs and blankets! I’m currently crocheting my first granny square blanket in grey and mustard and I totally love it, can’t wait to finish it. I’m very much looking forward to reading more about your crafty adventurers! Mrs B xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first post, good luck with your crochet blanket I’m in love with that colour combo so I’m sure it’ll look amazing x


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