Granny’s delights…

There’s not been much delight to be had this week with the dreary wet and misty days we have been having and so when we were given a dozen or more apples from a work colleague of Mr B’s I decided to capture some of their sun ripened sweetness and create some delicious homemade treats.


A bowl full of garden goodness x

As apples are hubby’s absolute favourite choice of pudding ingredient the first recipe on the agenda was a homemade apple pie as requested by Mr B himself.  For some reason I have been avoiding making pastry for as long as I can remember, as I have been under the illusion that it was uber-complicated and could easily go wrong. This fact probably wasn’t helped by my only previous foray into pastry making was puff pastry for apple turnovers which is a lot harder than the shortcrust needed for a traditional apple pie.

As an avid baker, with most gadgets to hand when creating kitchen yumminess, I realised that my inexplicable aversion to pastry had gone so far as not even having pie tins and so a quick visit to TK-Maxx resulted in their purchase and sealed the deal for me in creating hubby’s request. My lovely friend Lucy recommended a fail-safe shortcrust pastry recipe from be-ro (to be found here) and good old Mary Berry provided the inspiration for the apple filling (from her glorious Baking Bible) and so with a spring in my step I felt I was set for success.

Apple pie

Mr B’s favourite pud at last…

Thankfully success was achieved and the result was this delicious apple pie which we ate accompanied by some yummy homemade custard. Thankfully it also met all Mr B’s expectations, so much so that he has already suggested getting some more apples so that we there can be a repeat of this bake as soon as possible. I loved it too, it was a delight to use these delicious apple’s ripened by the sunshine of summer to create a pudding which is so satisfyingly comforting, perfect for a dreary autumnal evening.

Next on the agenda for the apples which were left was preservation, in the form of some spiced apple chutney.  As a self-confessed homebody I have ventured into the realms of preserves before and so for this make I returned to a tried and tested recipe from bbc food (find it here).

Chutney ingredients

Chutney ingredients ready to go…

What I love about preserving is that it captures flavours from seasons already passed in a jar of intense yumminess. I also love that in creating a delicious jam or chutney that time needs to be set aside and patience is needed for a perfect outcome. A morning or afternoon in the kitchen can provide jars of goodness to last until the summer suns returns.

chutney collage

Patience pays off – a jar of yumminess results x


With at least half a dozen apples left and the offer of more if needed, I am sure there will be more sweet delights being created this weekend, perhaps this time it’ll be my favourite pud – apple crumble.